A women’s empowerment centre has been set up in Pandulatav village where trainings are to be conducted for women in various aspects of gender theory and action. This centre will also function as a hostel for girl students studying in the Government High School in Pandulatav and provide them with extra coaching to help them with their studies. Girls from distant villages often drop out after their middle school because of the great distance to the nearest high school. To help girls who are good at academics to continue studying in high school despite their villages being far away from a high school this facility will be provided. The centre is a mix of the traditional Bhil Adivasi architecture with some modern elements and has been built by local masons and carpenters.

The roof tiles have been made by a local potter. These days no one opts for these tiles as they prefer corrugated asbestos or iron sheets or machine made tiles. The potter was also reluctant to make the tiles and had to be paid a premium to make them. The wood craftsman sculpted the pillars out of wood for the interior shown below.