Future Plans

The aim is to develop replicable models in all the spheres of action of the organisation. The model for reproductive health rights and health has been fairly well tested and honed and will now be tested in rural areas also around the centre at Pandutalav. The climate change mitigation and sustainable agriculture work has just been started and will take some time to develop into a replicable model including a viable renewable energy set up. The work on girl’s education has not yet begun and will ensue from the next academic session in June 2017. With the work well begun there is every possibility of the organisation doing robust work in its chosen fields of gender rights and ecological sustainability. The final picture below depicts Aladibai, a board member of Majlis and also a veteran activist of women’s struggles and Subhadra, the chairperson of the organisation, testing out a new hand made flour grinding stone housed in its hand made wooden base in the office in Indore.